We provide a personal maid service for you in your own accommodation. This includes clean your room
And then, if there's laundry machine in your room, we can do the laundry. In Japanese, “Kaseifu” means a house work helper. A Kaseifu will come to your place
“The Kaseifu can also do the washing and cleaning to make your Niseko life more relaxed. This service is for anyone who wants to escape from the daily household routine by having a local Japanese Kaseifu at your service.

Details 4 ROOMS 5 ROOMS 6 ROOMS Kitchin only
Full House Cleaning  16,000JPY  18,000JPY  20,000JPY  6,000JPY
 Mid Cleaning 12,000JPY 15,000JPY 16,00JPY 4,000JPY
 Party Cleaning After party cleaning, When you will make a party at your accomodation. 


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